Growth Factor Concentrate

What is GFC Therapy?

Growth factor Concentrate (GFC) Therapy is an advanced hair loss treatment derived from a person’s own blood to enhance hair regrowth. This is a highly specific technique where specific growth factors help in hair growth. Some of the most important growth factors and their functions are as follows

  • PDGF – Activates hair growth and stimulates stem cells to produce new hair follicles.
  • VEGF – Stimulates the production of new blood vessels around the root of the hair.
  • IGF-1 – Increases hair growth and maintains hair follicle growth.
  • EGF – Activates hair growth and also stimulates new blood vessels around the root of the fair follicle.

Thus, it helps increase hair volume by improving hair thickness and hair count.

GFC Treatment Procedure at Skinessence

About 16ml of the patient’s blood is collected in Special GFC Tubes. The blood is then processed to activate platelets and release growth factors. These are centrifuged to separate the growth factor concentrate (6-8ml). It is then injected into the scalp using microinjection techniques or using a micro-needling pen. Overall, the entire process takes about an hour to be completed.

The treatment will show visible effects as early as 4-6 weeks following the procedure. Whereas, the regrowth of hair can be appreciated after 3-4 sessions. Monthly treatment of about 6-8 sessions is performed to achieve results. Thereafter, maintenance sessions may be needed every 6 months to a year to maintain the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sterile: No chance of infection
  • High concentration of growth factors for optimum results
  • Desired and early results
  • Safe, as it is prepared from your own blood
  • Less painful comparatively
  • Equally effective in males and females

Since the patient’s own blood is used, there is no risk for any allergic reactions or blood-transmitted infections. The risk of local infection is nil when the procedure is done with strict aseptic conditions. Minimal redness and pricking sensation is associated with the procedure which may last anywhere between 1 hour to a day.

It is advisable to avoid shampooing/washing your hair for a few hours after the procedure. You can safely wash your hair the next day after the procedure.

Kindly contact the clinic for pricing details. It is best discussed directly with the doctor.

Criteria PRP Therapy GFC Therapy
Prepared from own blood Yes Yes
Final Outcome Platelet rich concentrate with some unwanted cells Only high concentration of growth factors derived from platelet activation
Platelet loss Yes No
Consistency of outcome Variable Consistent
Pain and inflammation Moderate Very low
Number of sessions required More Comparatively less

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