Skinessence understands the need for precision and accurate treatments and hence possesses a range of cutting-edge technology that delivers high-end results for all types of skin and hair treatments.

VIKINI – A US-FDA-approved high-power hair removal diode laser system

This high-power diode laser system is optimal for permanent hair removal as it is equipped with a collimated optical lens that facilitates painless and effective results with a short pulse duration.

The technology can effectively work on every skin and hair type be it thick or thin. The procedures are completely painless and fast. VIKINI works on Continuous Wave technology which makes sure the average Peak Power is the same in every pulse keeping it very accurate and precise in every pulse. Every pulse that is emitted by VIKINI system is divided into two parts, a long pulse and a short pulse. FDP (Fast Delivery Pulse) Mode delivers 10Hz maximum speed for fast treatment for large treatment area and reduces treatment time with safety.

Fraxis Duo – A US-FDA-approved High-power CO2 laser plus Micro-needle Fractional RF.

The Fraxis Duo combines CO₂ laser and micro-needle fractional RF technology for optimal results of scars, photo-aging and Striae (stretch marks). CO₂ fractional laser enables intense superficial heating stimulation while the micro-needle fractional RF provides higher volumetric heating and deeper heat diffusion.

The technology has numerous applications for face and body treatments. The fractional superficial stimulation and deep volumetric heating provide superior results for single or combination treatments on the most-common medical and cosmetic indications.

Tri-beam Premium – A state-of-the-art high-quality pigmentary laser

A new definition for performance and effectiveness of Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser. It is the best choice for achieving ideal results for all pigmentary skin problems like melasma, nevi, dark lips, under-eye dark circles, skin rejuvenation, reducing large pores, skin lifting, carbon peel (Hollywood peel) and tattoo removal. It is a completely safe and highly effective treatment applicable to all skin types.


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