Mole Removal

Moles are benign skin lesions that commonly occur at birth (birthmark) and are usually harmless. They can also appear through the course of one’s life. But moles that are present on the face and neck can be visually unpleasant or mechanically problematic due to repeated trauma on the mole. In such scenarios, patients seek mole removal treatments. Skinessence provides a range of mole removal treatments that are safe and harmless.

A recent increase in color, size, changes in the surface of the mole, ulceration, and appearance of new satellite lesions all warrants an immediate evaluation with dermoscopy and histopathology to rule out suspected malignant melanoma.

Mole Removal Treatments Offered by Skinessence

This treatment is useful to treat small and superficial lesions. A radiofrequency medical device is used to burn the mole.

The mole is excised using a biopsy punch of appropriate size or with a scalpel. The defect thus created is closed by suturing. This method is best suitable for moles of all shapes, sizes and locations.

Qs Nd:YAG laser can be best used to treat multiple small moles in multiple sessions in those not desiring the surgical methods. If done by a trained dermatologist this method also gives an excellent cosmetic outcome.

In this method, Liquid Nitrogen is applied to the moles causing the moles to freeze and fall off eventually.


No. All moles do not require removal. Usually, moles are removed mainly for cosmetic reasons, or when it causes mechanical problems. When a mole shows signs of malignant change it is advised to go for complete removal and further evaluation.

A sudden change in size, colour, bleeding, and surface changes like ulceration are all a possibility of malignant change of a mole. Immediate consultation and proper evaluation by a dermatologist is a must in such cases.

When performed by a qualified dermatologist the chances of scarring or pigmentation after mole removal is minimal. Kindly avoid home remedies for mole removal which can leave behind scars and pigmentation.

Depending upon the choice of treatment, the skin after mole removal heals anywhere between 5-10 days.

Usually, stitches are placed following a surgical mole removal. Appropriate ointment to the treated area must be applied for the prescribed number of days. Keep the area clean. The stitches will be removed on day 7 after surgery.


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